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Ear washing question.

3 years ago
75 posts
This may sound a tad bit funny. But I was wondering on your non-hair washing days, how does everybody go about washing their ears without getting your hair wet?
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3 years ago
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I wash my ears twice a week when i also wash my hair. You could use wet wipes for washing them more often or simply tie your hair back?

3 years ago
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hmm, well it might be funny to others, but I think it's a great question. Or wait! Actually my old question was, how do folks wash their ears without getting soap in their dreads? Do you have an answer for that one? hehe Seriously, I'm kinda lucky I have partials maybe, but I used to worry a lot when I had a few partials in the upper part of my head. ha!

but to answer you, yeah i just wash hair enough that i just was ears with hair too :)

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