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Bluetooth Speaker not connecting

one week ago
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Hi guys. I have a problem with my Bluetooth speaker.
Before some time I bought a Bluetooth speaker (I forgot the model and I don't have it right now I will post the model when my friend will return it to me :V). When I was trying to connect it to my laptop (lenovo G50) it was not even pairing so I installed new bluetooth driver, after a long search, then it got paired and also I could see it in my volume control option.
But the problem is, it is showing that the speaker is not connected and when I opened the tasks which the speaker can perform then it was showing "click here to listen songs via this speaker" or very similar to this. When I clicked on it, it was still not connecting. It is connecting in my phone. Any solutions? Thanks in advance.
PS:- I know my English is worst but it is still understandable

Thank You!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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