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Mystery "Dread Balls"

2 years ago
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Blessing everyone,

So as I've been free forming, I've noticed these little balls of semi dreaded hair appearing at the ends of my dreadlocks every now and then, and after about a week they will effortlessly pull off the dread. I'll do my best to post a picture.

The dreads they come from will seem like they've blunted before these balls appear, and then once they fall out the dread has a whispy tail again.

I've noticed their frequency has slowed greatly since I switched to vicki's shampoo from the baking soda/acv method, but they still appear from time to time.

Is this just how dreads shed loose hairs? Or is this caused by some kind of damage I'm doing to my dreads?

Peace and love!
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2 years ago
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It's caused by hair shedding and being held on by a loose knot. The knot isn't strong enough to hold it so it's falling out. I've had this happen a few times.

2 years ago
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I'm not as far along as you in my journey but I get these too. If I'm super careful not to touch them some of them stay but most of them fall out in the shower. 

2 years ago
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All my natural hair shedding looks like that, I don't think its anything to worry about unless you are loosing enough in a few days to fill your hand, just kinky loose hair. 

2 years ago
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I used to get those a lot too (I'd say throughout the first year). But I'd just shrug them off and not thing about anything. Don't get them anymore though..

2 years ago
35 posts

Awesome, thanks everyone!! Happy

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