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Washing more frequently okay?

6 years ago
8 posts
so im at day 6 now at my neglect journey, i just tnr'd a couple of dreads yesterday though, but i didn't want to do my whole head because i wanted to go through the neglect journey. My hair gets very oily if i dont wash after about 2 days, and since my hair is no longer getting combed its always sitting on my forehead which causes a lot of build up of grease. My question is, i know we dont wash as often because of problems with dreads drying, and right now im washing every 3 days. Am i able to wash more frequently? my hair is short so drying wouldn't be a problem, but would it cause my dreads to take longer to dread? Im currently doing BS/ACV wash
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irieguy skyhigh
6 years ago
20 posts
Hey relax.dont stress urself out,...jus was twice a week.just dont brush n u fine bro
6 years ago
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Wash as much as you want as long as you are letting it dry before you go to bed. The more mature your dreads get, the less you'll be able to wash it, so take advantage now. The water & movement will help with knottiness too. Maybe try a shampoo specifically made for dreadies if it's in the budget.

6 years ago
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Washing every other day is perfectly fine for younger locks.

Laura Breitenbach
6 years ago
9 posts
Yeah, if your hair gets oily easily, definitely wash more often. I had the same problem the first few weeks, and just switching from twice a week to three times a week made a lot of difference. Remember that you don't have to worry about wet dreads until you actually have thick dreads that hold lots of moisture ;D
6 years ago
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Actually, the more you wash your hair, at least with shampoo, the oilier it gets after a couple days to compensate for washing away the natural oils all the time. With BS/ACV it should be less of a problem, and like others said, you can wash it a few times a week now, especially with short hair, but it'd be good to get your hair used to washing less often. You can try adding a day between washing for a while til you're up to a week or so.

I switched to BS/ACV a couple weeks before I started my journey and at first my hair would get kinda oily after a few days but now I can go at least 4-5 days before I notice my hair change at all.

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