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Hair Shrinkage on young locks.

8 years ago
6 posts
I like that both of you are personifying locks altogether hahaI don't actually care about how much they shrink, I just wish other people would understand that there is no set before to after shrinkage ratio. even if its your hair that you have seen shrink before, under different circumstances your locks may be completely different next time.and i do like to cuddle mine!haha, the day i had them again i thought "my carry along pillow has returned!!"they make me veryyy happyand i let em know
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Wild Roots
8 years ago
14 posts
Ive noticed, after watching many different dread vlogs on youtube on several hair types, that many people with kinky or afro textured hair tends to start showing growth within months after starting dreading. Ive noticed my own hair, after 3 months of dreading, starting to show growth. Before I started dreading, when I would force straighten my hair, my hair came down to my shoulders but when it was in its natural state, the back came up to the nape of my neck and the sides and fronts up to my chin. When I initially twisted to start my journey, it had shrunk a few inches but now I can see that it is growing. I, personally, am not really concerned with shrinkage with my own hair but was curious about whether if shrinkage was less prominent for people with kinky type hair...
8 years ago
97 posts
Im almost 2 months in and i backcombed and but mostly tnr then crotched and mine didnt shrink too much. I started around 4 inches and they are around 3 now but cant wait to get some length.
8 years ago
844 posts
oh wow it's this thread i started awhile back,crazy to look through how much some people's hair has changed in a few months,after having looked through alot of other people's methods/hair lengths SE summed it up pretty well,longer hair will shrink more than shorter hair,everyone's different though,
Nic Sullivan
8 years ago
47 posts
Yeah for my first set my hair really didn't shrink at all i had'em for a while before i cut the first set and. It really just seemed to stay the same length.
8 years ago
187 posts
My hair has grown like CRAZY since I started dreading seven to eight months ago. It is much longer than when I started. I have done a little T&R, but the majority of it is natural dreading. I have really curly, wiry hair. I contribute my growth to the fact that I am not fighting to get my hair to conform with blow dryers and straighteners anymore. I just wash and go now and my hair seems to be loving me for it!!! :) Although it tends to be a little dry and frizzy at times, I stopped using tons of chemicals and over the counter conditioners and my hair has just taken off!!
Lisandre Tessier
8 years ago
17 posts
My locks are made from T&R, and I maybe lost 2 to 3 inches, but no more. And at 4 months, they seem to be growing again :)A friend suggested that it might be because since I had T&R, I made a ritual of giving myself scalp massages. She says it promotes growth. I just like the way it feels at the end of the day. ... tough the best is in the shower, with nice smelling stuff :) Hmmm... lavander oil!...But I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Shrinkage might be just around the bend! (or twist. or loop. or kink ;))
8 years ago
22 posts
I'm right at 4 months, and the back ones are only about 4 inches long. My hair was down past the bottom of my shoulder blades. The front hasn't shrunk up the same. Still love them, though looking forward to the end of shrinkage! :-)
Amber J
7 years ago
23 posts
Mine were backcombed to begin, but not very tightly..only lost a few inches then. Since then i have lost alottt of length, my dreads are 8 months old now and id say i lost about 1/2 the length i started with. They may stil be shrinking, not too sure yet!
Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
Mine was shoulder length has shrank to chin length and is hanging there, but has grown about 4 inches and not gotten longer so...7inches ish over 8 months.Natural process.... but I do have a bunch that are like only 3-4 inches long period now that have squiggled right up...
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