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Tight Bun Needed for Job

5 years ago
55 posts

I'm going to see if I can wear a bandanna :)

updated by @meg5: 07/23/15 03:00:35AM
Moon Raven
5 years ago
32 posts

I work outside in the summer & have to keep my dreads up, I've only been dreading for about 3 months.

I use one of those big claw type hair clips to keep my dreads/hair up off my neck & out of my face. Maybe you could use one of these clips, they keep your hair up but aren't as tight as a bun. I do have to separate my dreads every night.

Hope this helps.

5 years ago
523 posts

When I pull my hair back in a bun, I hold it in a ponytail in my hands, wrap the hair around in sections to create the bun, then secure it with a stretched out ponytail elastic. It keeps my hair up in a 'respectable' way but isn't so tight that it makes my head hurt. With a lot of today's messy hair styles, no one would know the difference. You could even use a strip of cloth or some ribbon or something to stir it up a bit. Hope that's a tiny bit helpful.

5 years ago
55 posts

Thank you Moon Raven, that is a wonderful idea!
Luckily, I think the more conservative job forgot about me, but I now work at a more free kind of place. Bandannas are apart of our uniform! :D I still have the urge to use a clip to pin the hair up a bit though; they're really big about cleanliness and I don't want them to think I'm dirty. It's sad how many people think my hair is unhygenic when I wash it every 3-4 days :p Oh well!

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