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Scalp Massage?

Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Hello everybody :)

I want to massage my scalp with the essential oils that i have. But i am not sure which base/carrier oil to use for it. I am having sesame oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, jojoba oil and almond oil. I am 11 months into natural dreads (almost) with many sections and some close to mature locks. Will it be too conditioning? Which oil should i mix my essential oils in and what should be the amount of essential oil and base oil so that it suits the scalp n hair best...?

Any advice would helpful :)

Thanx a lot for reading, peace love light and life..

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5 years ago
89 posts

I use aloe vera gel. two drops to an ounce

la Renarde
5 years ago
54 posts

Jojoba oil is the second best oil for skin care (the first being hemp oil) , plus essential oils mix really well in vegetable oils. I would totally go fo Jojoba, but any oil you mentioned would be good.

christie .
5 years ago
1 posts

jojoba is killer for replenishing moisture into the scalp which is much needed in our dry and fuzzy heads . so what i use is-

4 drops jojoba,2 drops rosemary,2 drops lavender and if you have dandruff a little tea tree.

since you have so many lovely carrier oils mix the concoction up a little every week so that you get the best of all the oils ! hope this gets you somewhere.

ps(carrier oils should always exceed essentials by atleast twice the drops)

louise kracwzyk
5 years ago
2 posts

jojoba is the closest to our own oils thatour body naturally produces, can be a little greasy for some though. grapeseed oil is lovely and light and soaks in well. 10ml of base oil with no more than 4 drops of oil! Don't think that adding a few extra drops of essiential oils will work better, they are very potent!! oils are beautiful to use, have a google though to make sure if you have any sort of medical condition the oils wont contradict them. Lavender though is ingeneral safe for everyone, as is teatree. Teatree can be a little harsh with some poeple but a fantastic allternative is elemi. Palmarosa is a gorgeous oil for all skin/scalp treatment. Im a qualified aromatheraphiest, has used it for 10 years and have learnt from my own personal mistakes!

Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Thank you everybody for your suggestions. That really helped. I am goin to do a scalp massage right now with jojoba, lavender and tea tree... I have another question though... Do i have to let this stay for a few hours? Or can i go and wash my hair straight away or after a few minutes...?

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