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More hard water issues.

6 years ago
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Hard water will not let my baking soda dissolve properly.. Is there any way to help this? ive been told by a couple sources that Boiling the hard water would help? But im not sure if true or not really.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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to do it right boil the water then crefully pour off the top use that leave the bottom whebn boiled the heavy stuff sinks to the bottokm

more thourough way is to distill it u can make a still odf sorts theres even plans for a solar water distillery that you can make yourself

destilling involves boiling or near boiling till steam rises flows through a tube wich flows through an outter tube thats filled with cold water so the steam condences back to water and drips oiut into a colection container

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Shanxon Lemasters
6 years ago
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Yep what SE said, I have hard water too and it sucks, luckily I have a water softener to be put in soon yay!

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