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Smelly hair

Kubilay KAPUCU
5 years ago
76 posts
I don't sleep with damp hair*

the Barrellady said:

Hi there. After 3 weeks of the neglect method, you would not have smelly hair washing it 2-3 times a weeks, even four. Since it is not locked up, it would dry properly. Did not read anywhere if you are going to bed with a wet head? Or wearing a hat with a wet head? If you are not doing either one, then it could be your diet, what you are eating. Especially if you just changed your eating habits. I once had a friend that took garlic pills daily, and ended up smelling like garlic up close. Sometimes when a person changes their eating habits, the toxins start to sweat out of the body.......Just a thought......

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Angel Frye
5 years ago
409 posts

Yeah, the 'no touch' method didn't work for me either. I always suggest rubbing around on the scalp to people. You put the right stuff on your scalp, let it soften it up, and then scrub around in there and you've got three things going to happen:

1) You just plain FEEL better taking care of those itchies.

2) You get clean.

3) You're actually helping the knotting process along.

Just wait until a few months pass, Kubilay, you'll come back to the boards bitching about how much separating you have to do every time you shampoo. hahahah! But it's fun. It's part of the process. Personally, I let mine go and only separate every other shampoo that way I know I'm getting good progress, but everyone's a little different. Trust your instincts, always.

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