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Kirks Soap

5 years ago
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So I was at the store today and came across Kirks Castile soap. Apparently according to thedescription you can wash your hair with it and it works in hard water. Anyone else use this product. I want to try dr bronners soap but I hear nothing but bad things for hard water.

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Unfortunately Castile soaps leave a residue build up, they do not rinse completely out, especially in hard water. With any soaps, you can do a test, fill the sink, lather up your hands and then rinse them in the sink water. Do you see any residue or scum in the water? If so, then it is not good to use. I too had bought a wonderful bar before, but with my hard well water, it was no good. Sorry about the bad news MoorZ. Any time you have a shampoo or bar question, our shampoo ingredients expert can help you out for sure: Heather is simply the best advice person for all these......peace

5 years ago
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I've actually tried that soap in my hair. It got my hair really clean but it did leave a bit of a residue. I ended up grating up the rest of the bar and using it in my homemade laundry soap.

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