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What are positive (and negative) vibrations and any perceived relationship with dreadlocks?

This question can be approached from many different angles from purely scientific, to metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, and ancient concepts like "chi energy".

From a mixed bag of the above, hair roots are the only living part of the hair, that is fed through the bloodstream, and surrounded by a sensitive nerve grouping. Emotional states, thoughts, feelings, sense of well being, and good as well as bad experiences release hormones, electro chemical signals that affect every part of the system. What makes hair unique is that this becomes like a recording. This is why many cultures cut the hair  when in mourning, or when trying to get over a trauma. This is also why many cultures grow the hair long. 

Studies conducted during Vietnam with native American scouts found they had uncanny survival skills, which were lost when the hair was cut. The long hair being sensitive to alerting you to unseen dangers. In the same way long hair  can be sensitive to other unseen energies. Getting good vibes, or bad vibes from someone from hello is an example. 

Water, thoughts, electro chemical pathways and more:

 There are famous studies that show words, thoughts, and emotions have the power to change how water crystals form, have the power to make identical plates of food be preserved longer, or rot faster depending on positive or negative "vibrations" they are exposed to. 

Thoughts are electro chemical signals passed through a network of nerves. Networks of nerves pass electro chemical signals more efficiently along well worn paths. the essence of study or learning is to engrave these pathways. As children we repeat the abc's over and over till language is effortless and poetry can flow through well worn pathways. But there is a dark side to this. Well worn pathways can be traps "your ugly' "your worthless' "your fat" can become thought patterns you are  helpless to escape. 

Chi and subtle energies:

The heart is more then an organ that pumps blood. While much of what is thought of as thought is done in the brain. the heart actually sends more electro chemical signals to the brain then the other way around. like brainwaves these can be measured outside the body. In fact can affect things outside the body. People who master these subtle energies can swim below the artic ice in underwear (look up the ice man he can teach you how to do it too)  others can take a sledge hammer to the tentacles or a sword to the throat without damage. People who study 1 form of tantric yoga use subtle energies to prolong deeply loving sexual experiences as long as 24 hours, they can experience full body (every single cell) orgasms lasting an hour ..or weirdly enough have random orgasms in the oddest parts of the body like the eyeball or big toe. Subtle energies being  used over long distances, are used in healing practices like reiki.

Dreadlocks and energies.

Since we have established that energies exist besides 'known energies" even if they are not proven, their effects are undeniable. 

And we established that hair records our bio electro chemical state at the time of the cells formation and growth. After all the root is tested and can show you drugs you've done your nutritional state and more. these cells die and become your hair. when you dread your essentially connecting every experience to every other.

They amplify who you are. Dreads are often called "spiritual antennas" if you have a lot of negativity they amplify it..and that's when they should be shed (if ever) dreads hold in a lot of energy and when you need to let go of serious trauma or negativity that's really the only time people feel the need to let go (it is better to hold on and benefit from the experience but if its overwhelming its understandable to let go.

Holding in the positive vibrations so you can benefit from them greatly for decades is the greatest thing about growing dreadlocks.

I am not sure some people understand this when they start to dread... I think most are sensitive enough to feel it from early on..

Some however it seems to amplify an inner nastiness. 

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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