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Inspiring Dreadlock Dreams

Castaway J
5 years ago
585 posts

Hello, I have had only a few dreadlock dreams that i can recall, have you had any that really spoke to you?

Just last night I had a wonderful dream where I was conversing with what felt like an old soul, a wise one who was Rastafarii. Though my recolection is hazey at best I remember feeling peace and love, we were laughing through our conversation and having a great time. The one thing that I can recall him telling me is that they do not ever cut their locks, nor do they ever shave their beards. These appear to be affirmations of some kind because I have been thinking about it for a while.

But recalling dread dreams brings instant joy <3

Share your dread dreams here! Spread that joy :)

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Castaway J
5 years ago
585 posts

When I first began letting my hair go like the first or second night I had a dream where I was simply in the presence of a beautiful goddess with locks. No words were said, just being. Her presence was sooo comforting to say the least. Today I still think back on that dream of just being. Its also helped me calm down whenever I used to freak out about my locks ;)

5 years ago
301 posts

i just remembered this dream recently. when i was pregnant, before i knew the sex of the baby, i had a dream where i was getting dreadlocks and they had pink and purple beads on them. i interpreted this to mean i was having a girl, and lo and behold i was right. it was pretty cool.

melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
This isn't inspiring, but I had a dream my locs fell off. I woke up devastated and grabbing at my hair like a maniac. I was relieved to feel my hair still there :)
the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Maybe it was not a dream, but you seeing into the future. Dreads are comfort and love

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