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Going To the wilderness

Jose Cooper
5 years ago
4 posts

Hey Guys, i know this has nothing to do with dreads buteveryone i have spoken to on here seems to have a god idea on this so here goes...

i am starting up a descussion to help me figgure out what to bring, what skills, and whats the best path i should take as i am about to go into the wilderness. i do not think we should pay to live on the earth we were born on! nore should we take so much from it and give so little back. i believe we are animals and i the reason why we are so sick fat and mentally deseased is cause we are not in out natural inviroment we are cooped in box office jobs going knowwhere with our life i do not know the meaning of life but i am going back to the basics but what we are doing now as humanity is not it. truth is this modern life is not for me andi want to know as much as i can aboutbefore i head off thanks reading guys :)

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melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
How nice :) I lived in the Carolina mountains for many months when I was younger. What an enriching experience. I've never slept so soundly as I did sleeping on magestic powerful mother earth. Bring a water pump, a big old bag of Gorp (good old fashion raisins and peanuts)obviously a tent and blankies if your in a cold climate, and acomgy backback to keep it all in. Sending good vibrations your way. I know you will have a healthy and enlightened journey:)
melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
And most importantly a journal.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,514 posts

herbal medicines (and basic first aid) skills re a must u must also thouroughly know the native plants whatsedible whats not whats medicinal etc water pump but also water filter..even if u grew uo=p on live water drinking the wrong water can really screw u
if say u drink downstrwam from a beaver your likely to die as u try to crawl out of the woods with explosive diarhia and dehydration
just to be safe a radio or sat phone a way to contact help if u get into trouble
be prepared for absolutely any weather
a yurt or tipi will be a better shelter since u can have a small fire inside and they can be better insulated
a machette is a greattoolto have
bury ypur shit even if your the only human in a hundred miles u shot on the ground flies land on the shitthen on your food and your gonna get sick
dont burn pitch pine or youir gonna get sick
if u do chew pine sap or pine needles
whenever you have a firehave plenty of water nearby just in case
keep in mind that the "dirt" on the forrest floors actualy decomposing leaves and wood so is flamable and roots can burn for months even years till they hit air and explode into a forrest fire so u got to know how to do a proper fire pit dif a foot below the pit bottom chopping out an y roots then replace with dirt then line with stones (not from a river or they explode)

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