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Homeschool/unschool folks?

Marcellus Wallace
7 years ago
46 posts
School is too generalized, some kids struggle to read, while others are bored to hell in the classroom because they're not learning anything new, they get restless and then put on ADHD drugs. They tried putting me on those drugs, but my mom was smarter than that saying, "he reads books and builds with legos attentively for hours". That was my experience in school. I believe unless the children want to learn what is being taught they won't retain it, or won't learn as effectively as if they were pushed into a system such as the one that exists. Much as prisoners are "rehabilitated" rather than institutionalized, nothing but a lie. The American school system is great, if you want an army of uninformed consumers.
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Mama Kat
7 years ago
7 posts

If you don't want to homeschool, you don't have to. If I don't want to send my kids to a school where bullying isn't handled correctly & different learning styles are frowned upon & singled out as a disability, where they want to medicate my intelligent, creative children, just because the teacher is too busy, I don't have to. Isn't it a wonderful world?

7 years ago
59 posts
Let's not forget the important stuff they don't teach you and choose to teach lies instead. For example, I had no idea who Nikola Tesla was until after high school when I learned about him through random web surfing. We were taught that Thomas Edison was some great inventor. No, he just undermined other inventors, stole their work and made them look bad. Also, we were never taught that we essentially lost at Vietnam. These are just two small examples of things they don't teach in public school that make a lot of kids look like morons later in life. Public school also teaches kids to believe everything they hear so later in life you see a lot of them who aren't able to form their own opinions about anything. I'm sure we've all had a debate with those kind of people at least once and it's frustrating.
7 years ago
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Nope but I am a parent of three little boys. That's good for you ..I am a stay at home mom so I am number one teacher...but I also run a business .. I am grateful my younger kids go to a great school..I think that homeschooling has enough support as a community I don't disagree with it. It justcant work for me.
5 years ago
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I love child led learning! I think it is the best way to help children understand who they are and what their interests are at an early age. I also love that I choose how my kids are socialized instead of that being up to whatever dynamic/ecosystem is available in the particular school environment. I unschool my 7 year old and I unschooled my 15 year old up until 8th grade. He is at a Montessori high school now, which I consider a wonderful environment.

5 years ago
19 posts
We are homeschoolers, & I was homeschooled as a child too. =) We do Charlotte Mason (how I was taught), but we keep lessons VERY brief & allow the kids to pursue their own interests as much as possible. I do CM because it's important to me to expose them to the classics...but I have a lot of unschooled have tendencies.
5 years ago
19 posts
Unschooling tendencies, that is. ;)
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