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Should I get dreads when I'm in the hospitality industry? DOES IT MATTER?!

Lydia Wong
8 years ago
6 posts

My previous discussions are about a year ago. Oh time flies, yet I still find dreadlocks really pretty. :3

I actually had them at the beginning of the year at the bottom half of my head for a month plus, but due to dandruffs, I took them out. :(

I'm thinking of getting them back. BUT, I'm in my first year of college studying Hotel Management. When we first enrolled, the lecturers had told us how we should present ourselves and that is "no having weird fancy hairstyles". Plus, I'm from Malaysia where many people are not so openly minded yet and will think dreads are gross. I have friends who knew I was doing it, and many gave faces. My cousin brother even said if he were to see me with that hair he might consider giving me a penny or two. How rude!

If there are any dread heads who works in the hospitality industry on this site, it would help a lot to answer this thread of mine.

I just don't think I should change what I like and what I want for a job. I mean, yes a job is important, simply more important than my hair. But I just feel so restricted, people shouldn't judge us on what we look like rather what we can offer them.

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Jimmy DC
8 years ago
86 posts

I agree with Mujtaba. If someone does not hire you because of your dreads, which can be definitely kept in a professional looking manner (there's many professionals in this forum), then it shows a lack of professionalism from their part. How good of a job you can do does not reflect on the way you look. I don't know much about Malaysia, and I'm speaking from a more American point of view, although I am originally from Peru.

My hair is pretty messy, because I'm doing natural dreads, but whenever I go to an interview or something, as much as I hate it I dress up in my best clothing, sometimes even put on ties depending on the place. What matters is the first impression and then sweet talking them into thinking you are the right candidate. If they question your hair/dreads which they probably shouldn't, you should still be prepared and have your reason, religious, spiritual, part of who you are, etc. and explain how there's lots of misconceptions on dreads being dirty and that you like teaching others a bit as to show your initiative and passion for what you do and believe in.

Good luck and hope you do some care-free dreadding!

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