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Beginning Yoga?

Jayke Watson
10 years ago
118 posts
Hey guys, I'm entirely new to yoga and would like some advice on a place to begin, does anyone have any recommendations for asanas or postures to begin with?Peace, Jayke
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Kody A. Busboom
10 years ago
3 posts

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for over a year now and when I first started I was a meatatarian and somewhat heavy I have now lost 45lbs and become a strict vegetarian. I love Bikram or hatha yoga since it purely is based on a 5,000 year old philosophy of healing ones mind body and soul in all aspects of life in order to allow you to be your best you. It focuses on strength of the mind by using the body to push yourself in some of the most difficult and exciting ways. I highly recommend it as it is very safe for your body since it is in a heated room with high humidity to detoxify your skin, blood, well just everything and allows the muscles to have free movement with the heat to help prevent injury. I could barely touch halfway down my shins when I started now my legs are almost fully straight with my lips kissing my shins. It has taught me to be a more patient and positive person as well. if you have any questions please ask. oh yeah I guess I recommend Bikram Yoga or Hatha based yoga

10 years ago
9 posts

Hello! I love yoga. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, there is a very cool app called "All-In Yoga." I am not interested in technology in any otherway, but I use this app every day. I don't even use my phone to talk...just yoga. :) They have pre-chosen asanas for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, guru) and all goals (de-stress, fitness, pre-sleep, wake-up, back problems--you name it!)

When I do yoga by myself, it's completely different than when I do it with other people. I thoroughly enjoy both, but when I was first starting out I found it very helpful to go to a class where a teacher was able to tell me whether or not I was doing each posture correctly.

If you prefer to practice by yourself, I enjoyed doing joint warm-ups (Sun Salutations) when I first started.


la Renarde
10 years ago
54 posts

Hello there! I've been practicing Yoga since 2002 (I'm trying to be more disciplined now and practice everyday). I enjoy this discipline alot and it's been a great help in my life for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I'm more of a solitary practitioner, because I'm a bit of a nomad so it's easier this way.

I've discovered a web site that I like very much, wich is really health oriented. You can find any asanas and they are very well explained, with photos and really detailed explanations on how it affects your different bodies. You can also search by theme, like, for exemple, hypotension, and you'll have all the asanas and exercises to help you with this condition. When I don't have much time to practice, I like to at least do some repetitions of Khatu Pranam. Here's the link to the site and Khatu Pranam:

Enjoy! Love.

Marissa Victoria
10 years ago
34 posts

Hi Jayke, first of all, welcome to the world of Yoga!!

You are in for a life changing experience if you stick to a daily practice.

I work at a Yoga studio, and I also have my own practice. And I would honestly reccommend trying

every form of Yoga. Start with basic movements and sun salutations and work your way up to more advanced poses, all while breathing and maintaining proper alignment and a clear mind.

I would find a studio near you and start with a community who is at the same level as you, usually studios have beginner classes. Along with an array of extra events and workshops outside of classes.

Well work the small fee that will give you benefits that are priceless.

Sooner or later when you are familiar with the asanas and pranayama you will be able and comfortable to take yoga with you on the go, wherever you are, at all times practicing yoga. :)

good luck friend.


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