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Nusing job with dreads?

christina popejoy
5 years ago
93 posts
Its great to see so many medical folk with dreads. :) so i just got a job in cardiac ward as a health care assistant. I have never thought about getting rid of dreads but ive been contemplating it recently. Do you guys find infection control with dreads an issue in that we need to wash our dreads a whole lot more like after most shifts and as it takes long to dry and lets face it whn you get of nights the last thing you wanna o is sit with a hair dryer for like a hour trying to dry them. How do you guys deal with this? If anyone can help with a answer id be sooooo thankful as will my dreads. Ive slept on it and im not running to buy a comb just yet now!
updated by @christina-popejoy: 07/22/15 05:15:54AM
5 years ago
301 posts

dreads are great for buns and that pretty much negates any issues someone might have with them. i actually find it easier and more comfortable to deal with so it would probably compliment the field quite well.

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