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Job interview!!!! woohoo...kinda

Chris Atchison
6 years ago
11 posts

So i have an interview tomorrow for a car dealership, and i need some tips on how to make my dreadies a bit more "professional" looking...under normal circumstances I wouldnt really care what they think of my dreads because i know that eventually I will find an employer who truly doesn't judge people based on appearances and that is who i really want to work for...but these are hardly normal circumstances I recently moved back from Kentucky to Nevada and am back to living with my parents who aren't the most open minded people ever and I really need to speed up the employment process and get the F outta here haha...anyway im just looking for tips on how to get my dreads looking "presentable" FYI I haven't done anything with them so they have lots of loose hair and when I pull them back they are very lumpy looking I think I'm going to palm roll some aloe into them and see what happens any advice isappreciated


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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just pull em back and maybe smooth with aloe or french braid em

good ;uck with the interview

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6 years ago
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Good luck on your interview!

I usually can pull them back and tame the flyaway's with aloe.

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