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letter to employers concerning dreadlocks

Star Gryphon
6 years ago
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I'm sure this letter has helped at least one employee possibly come to some sort of understanding regarding dreadlocks in the work place!

I'll admit that even though I have not had any problems getting or staying employed because of my hair, I am feeling slightly apprehensive about my plan to start looking for more gainful employment here in the near future. I have a BS in Physical Anthropology and I wish more jobs in a related field would open up. When they do, getting the position becomes highly competitive.

One of the options I'm going to look into is to apply for entry level positions at one of the local credit unions. Lately when I go into my own credit union I've been taking note of how employees dress and groom themselves. I haven't paid attention to tattoos and piercings yet. I have also yet to see a dreaded employee.

I'm thinking that I might just see if there is someone who is in charge of hiring that I can talk to and see what the company policy is or how they feel about hiring someone with dreads who will be in a position of contact with customers on a regular basis....

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Marq Mutant
6 years ago
16 posts

PRICELESS simply priceless

luke t likesheet
6 years ago
1 posts

i like

bruce caruso
6 years ago
11 posts

very well said bro

6 years ago
6 posts
This is the reason I left my job in august I wish I would have found something like this. I worked at a personal care home they said they were unprofesional and dirty because I was washing around the clumps of hair instead of washing my acctual hair.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,805 posts

thats ok you are probably more sanitary now rthat you dont work there

its more likely that job would makre your dreads dirty then the dreads afecting the sanitrieness of the job

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Janell Draper
4 years ago
9 posts

That is awesome. I wish it work at my husband's job. But since he works in a sterile, manufacturing plant he can't have them. Or even have long hair. Even girls have to keep their hair short, no longer than their shoulders and it must be braided up. Because long hair can get caught in the machines and pull off someone's scalp. But thank goodness he is going to quit come Fall so we can hit the road full time. He will start his dreads then.

DaThrill Helton
4 years ago
48 posts

I recently got turned down for a job because of my dreads. It was only at KFC/Taco Bell so no big loss really, but I have a friend who works there and gave me a good reference and I have plenty experience working fast food. I went for the interview and everything and waited to receive the call to start work but it never came. About a week later my friend came over and said sorry about the job, they didn't hire you because of your hair. They are trying to hire more clean cut people. I'm not wtf? I know there are things that protect us and allow us to have dreads, but a work place can still discriminate and choose not to hire you because of them. I think its all bs to be honest.

Janell Draper
4 years ago
9 posts

Yeah that's why I am glad I work myself. I can have whatever hair I want. I do Tarot/Oracle readings and run a renaissance style store at festivals. I am also working on becoming a street performer. Soon my husband will quit his job and join me and start to grow his dreads.

Moon Child
4 years ago
51 posts

Thank you so much for this!

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