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Dreadlocks and wigs?

Nim Davis
8 years ago
4 posts

I don't think this may have ever been spoken about, but if you have seen my photos, you have noticed my colored hair. I recently got a job that does not like my hair color and is iffy on my dreads. My dreadlocks are very short, and I was not to happy about being asked to dye them or bleach them just for a summer job. Some woman brought to my attention that her friend had wore a wig in a similar situation, and I thought why not try it. I purchased a wig from amazon, only after trying on a halloween wig. My dreads are so short that they were able to fit without much bulking up of this very thin wig. I have come to realize that wearing a wig is also a lot better than pulling my dreads back in a band that always puts pressure on one spot on my dreads. With a wig, the pressure is a lot less and more even. I also feel safe saying that this would help knot hair, though you may sweat. But sweat can be good for your hair. I want to know others opinions or how others may have found ways around things like this.

Because this is under jobs, I would also like to say I have a shop to help support my family with buying food. (Yes I know the site has a section for this, but I have submitted my shop 3 times and nothing and I am stressed and can't keep waiting around doing nothing.) My sister is expecting a child and we never have enough for food anymore. I am selling dread sleeves, dread wraps and even synthetic dreads. Sometime I will be listing more including jewelry.

I will be listing more items when I can, I have them all but not the correct computer to be taking files from at the time. Shipping may take some time at first for I have to withdraw the money from paypal.

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