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Teachers with dreads

8 years ago
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Are you a teacher with dreads? Was it hard getting a job?

And are there any primary school teachers with dreads from the UK on here?


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
29,621 posts

only job i ever wanted i went in wearing a tam beard dreads tucked inside my shirt i got the job on the spot the day i started i wwent in the same way but an hour later said fick it took off the tam dreads spilled to the floor just as the president of the co walked by..stops dead and then kept going that day i had a meeting with a congressman and a ceo of a bank (credit union) o had meetings almost daily with ceos even from the piblic television station and more never any issues.. when it came time to make new promo materials..posters mugs that sort of thing there wwere 8 of is in the photo ised as the corporate image..i was front and center (and above the rest)

i loved that job cause there was respect and u could be yourself (and work from home somedays too was nice)

ok tips

go in like your not even aware u have sdreds and dont think they should matter

if they even mentiion them look confised and just say why do you ask you know dreads are a religios or spiritual thing right/

if they ask what your religion is lokk confused again and just say are you even alowed to ask me that/

but keep it freindly

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Little Wing
8 years ago
41 posts

I actually wonder what would happen now that I'm starting my freeform dread journey and I'm about to look for a job as a cook, haha.

Probably they won't tell me anything, since I won't be seen by customers. But I've seen lot of people in the country where I live with dreads in the schools, also as teachers, in stores, bars, restaurants. But maybe in the country where I am from, people tends to be more close minded on those aspects and there it would be "a problem" to get a job.

Karen Guy
8 years ago
36 posts
I work in a Kindergarten classroom. This is my 2nd yr at the school. I am in my 8th month of natural dreads. I have to be honest and say my hair is not anywhere close to looking neat or can I at this point make it look neat. My hair has dreaded more quickly on one side of my head than the other & I actually have hair just above shoulder length on one side and an entire section of long hair on he other side that goes almost to my breast. I have very wavy hair and before dreads I would just wash, comb and go. It could get pretty big and frizzy. I would mostly wear it in a ponytail or bun and have tried to do that since I began dreading in September of 2013. My hair has now shrunk so much a lot of the underneath dreads stick out of my bun. On days I wash I fear putting it all the way up may cause it not dry quickly enough and I don't want mold so I just pull the sides back and take it out while I am on breaks w/out the kids. I have not had any comments good nor bad at this point but it is quite obvious something is going on with my hair lol I do live in Los Angeles CA which I suppose most anything goes here. I'm not sure if that helps or not at least it may give a sense of where your hair may go. Everyone's hair dreads and shrinks differently.
Little Wing
8 years ago
41 posts

Yeah, actually... I've seen a lot that people who share dread pictures on messy stages, they even dare to say "those are not dreads", that they have to look perfect, same size, without fly aways, neat and all...

Or if you have them, immediately people think you don't take showers and stink. The funny thing is that often deadheads have the better smell because of the cleaning method used or because essential oil use.

Actually the thing that worries me now a little bit is because I am starting my freeform journey and then if I have to tie my hair, who knows if it's gonna be more difficult to create knots. My hair is super straight that anyways is gonna take me ages, I think I'm already mentally prepared for that, haha. I have already one week of not combing my hair and it pretty much looks the same that no one have noticed it, so it's gonna be interesting what would happen with it in the future.

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