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Toddler dreads

5 years ago
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yeah, thats cool. No problem. Our little one has hardly enough hair at 19mnths anyway. I believe dreadlocks do bring/allow a spiritual power, so beliefs and knowledge of such powers comes into it also.


Baba Fats said:

Of course. I said my peace because I feel strongly about it. I also understand that people will do what they feel is right for their kids. That is why I also explained the damage salons do. I don't want you or EB2u to not lock their kids hair because I say so. So I also tried to give details of what a salon will do. If you or EB2u wants to lock their kids hair, I just hope it's done in a healthy way.
If you raise your kids vegetarian, and make sure they get all of the vitamins, minerals, and other good stuff they need, then props to you. I don't have kids as of yet, but from my younger cousins, friends kids, and my wife's younger family, I know it can be hard to get kids to eat healthy. If you can do it, why not. Hopefully they'll stick with it. They could get really sick that first time they rebel and eat a cheeseburger when they're out with their friends.
I only expressed my opinion because 16 months is really young, and locking a child's hair isn't about making there bodies healthier they way a certain diet does

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