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Gilly's Mum Said "NO!"

8 years ago
7 posts

thats the attitude, firm with the convictions!

I also wants to see some pictures of gilly

updated by @fede: 07/23/15 12:07:21AM
8 years ago
133 posts
This is why I have come to visit Gilly,s page, to see if there is some recent pics of Gillies dreads.

soaring eagle said:

how bout some more pictures of gilly so we can show her off for ya?

Gilly's Mum
8 years ago
25 posts

New pics are up as well as some old pics that are new to the site :-)

Simone Mefford
8 years ago
5 posts

Good for you! I just don't understand what the issue people have with dreads. I started mine going on almost 3 months ago now and my mother has made comments...and I am 44 years old! She tells me I am ruining my hair. *rolling eyes* So glad Gilly has a cool mom!;)

7 years ago
58 posts
Everytime I try to "love" this, it brings me to the top of the page and doesn't work, so: Well done!
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