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Trying to convince your parents to let you get dreads? Here's the PowerPoint that worked for me :)

6 years ago
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updated by @sheribaby: 07/23/15 03:12:07AM
Dreaded Shredder
6 years ago
25 posts

I just read SE's reply to the link/topic "how to convince parents to..." I'm in awe! What a fabulously informative and wonderfully constructed response! I am in love with it. I actually might print it out to have those facts handy for the occasional dread-hater/nay sayer! Brilliant and concise. :) Well done.

Mariana Moonbeam
6 years ago
10 posts

Thank you all again for your positive words! I hope this helps some others out there as much as it helped me:)

very grateful to be all dreaded up! much love to you guys!

Brittany Marie
6 years ago
9 posts

Awwww yeah! This was wonderful! I already have dreads but I'm going to show my grandmother this the first chance that I get<3 It just might have an impact on her stereotypical thinking about dreadlocks. Loving the energy that you put into this project!!

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