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Super soft hair

6 years ago
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So, a friend if mine that I havnt seen in a few weeks did her "dread check" on me which basically is poking through my hair and counting how many new babies she sees. She commented on how absolutely baby soft my hair is. It's much softer than its ever been in her words. So she asked me what I changed. I've been using The Tea tree sample and Goddess bar, and used the lock magic a few times when I was going out. But the thing is, as soft as my hair is, I'm counting at least 6 new baby locks sprouting. So things are progressing, but is it good to be this soft? (I've always had overly dry frizzy hair, so really, could this potentially be bad?) or does this just mean my hair is becoming healthier?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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i love mine being super soft and it knots up real easy when soft

just enjoy it

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6 years ago
121 posts
Thanks. I have an irrational need to think the worst even when the rational part of me is going "no no it's ok" guess I just needed the reassurance.
6 years ago
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Hair will go through a sort of "detox" after conventional products are stopped. Texture may continue to change over weeks and months. Your hair is also no longer coated with silicones and other nasties, so it is more alive and will have even more of a personality ;)

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