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Quick question on dread progress

6 years ago
16 posts

I've had my dreads for 6 weeks now and i'm really digging them, at the front i'm getting some real tight knots forming which is great. However, at the back of my head things are not so good- I have a few well formed dreads but as i feel around there are some sections that are just loose hair that join at the end in a little knot and some sections of what feels like just loosely connected hair. Will these loose sections dread up with time or will I have to do something about them? I wash with BS and ACV every 3-4 days very gently and let my hair air dry.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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you didnt have to do a thing to start do ofcourse they will deead up on their wown but yioyr at 6 weeks..thats nothing 1/2 the time backcombed dreads will fall out completely by 12 weeks then start to dread back up adter

jusr let em dread in their own tame

its not a race

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6 years ago
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don't worry, give it time & they will take care of themselves. they will knot.

6 years ago
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Thanks guys :) I've had them tied up for the past few days and i've just given them a feel tonight and they feel a bit tighter so i guess they are on their way.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
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tying them up actually slows the process down a bit. If you leave them hanging free for a while, you'll see more progress. But again, 6 weeks is nothing. You'll see much more progress as time goes by. Keep it up. Have you started a timeline yet?

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