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lice and fleas on dreads

The-Pygmy Page
6 years ago
43 posts
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6 years ago
22 posts

You kinda need to be careful if using DE in the home though. Its real bad for your lungs so you shouldnt inhale it. I personally dont use it in the house (i love my lungs) so I just sprinkle it outside in the garden and directly on my kitties. Also on friends who catch internal parasites! :) So ya, I'd use it directly in the hair for lice, just be sure to use it safely.

6 years ago
5 posts

Should we use the oils after washing or mix it in with the baking soda you think?

soaring eagle said:

just get the oils..citronela teatree and rosemary but id add lemon grass and neem seed oils to be the most effective maybe eucolyptus too

Nogawar said:

I, too, spend a lot of time outdoors, and I worry about what may get caught up in my hair. What brand pet shampoo are you using as a rinse? I would like to keep some on hand (and I can use it for the pups, too!)


Pranee said:

Right on soaring eagle! I spend a lot of time in the woods and I use an all natural shampoo as a rinse. It is for dogs, but it has citronella,rosemary, and tea tree oil in it. it is residue free and my dreads like it too!

6 years ago
1 posts

Don't forget prevention. Wearing a Dreadsock or using some other way to keep your locs covered at work then remove and put in plastic to wash in hot water at the end of the day. IMO this would be far better than treating after the fact and living with dead eggs on my head *shivers*

ॐJesse Rose~*☼
6 years ago
23 posts

Fleas also hate lemon juice. It repels them.

Laura Annalina
5 years ago
8 posts

Ok first of all you will not get fleas. I'm a vet tech. Fleas like animal blood not human. The worst that may happen is that you would get bites on your ankles but I promise you will not get fleas in your dreads. As far as lice go? I'm not sure but I know lice like clean hair better than dirty hair.

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