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Whats the longest you're gone without washing you hair?

7 years ago
8 posts

Thats it.

There all kinds of reasons people don't wash their hair. How did it effect your hair and scalp. Would you ever again go for any extended period of time without washing your hair?

When i was 17, i had an afro. I though i could make it nice, shiny an full, by allowing the natural oils to moisten my head. Every night for a month i would rub in some jojoba oil, and wear a shower cap to sleep. Id wake up and my head would be all oily and wet. It felt nice, and i thought i was doing a good thing, since i was led to beleive that this was a good idea.

It didnt kill me.....

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,585 posts

unfortunately a cuple months (livin in a cabin with no electric or water) i would never do that again i was desperate i washed outside in 12 degree weather with a bucket of cool warer it was that bad i neeeeded to wash or go insane

my scalp was a disaster

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
jordan moore
7 years ago
11 posts
Two weeks
7 years ago
836 posts
When it is really cold in the winter i have gone 2 weeks without washing. It just feels nasty. I can't go any longer.
7 years ago
7 posts
I can only go 3 days then I have to wash :)
Rebecca Anne Lattig
7 years ago
6 posts

2 weeks when I was homeless. Sooo grosss. I didn't have dreads then, either, so it was especially nasty looking.

Jessica Ann Hughes
7 years ago
85 posts
I've gone abouta week and a halfwithout washing my hair (before dreading). I used this spray stuff on it though. Made it smell nice(: I definitely wouldn't do that now since I have a dry scalp and my baby dreads. The longest I'll go now is 3-4 days. More than that is jsut a no.
7 years ago
235 posts
I myself dont go longer then three days. I met a cat with dreads down at the bar who claimed when he started his he didnt wash them for six months. Nasty.
Valentin the Jellyfish
7 years ago
79 posts
phil thats what people did before there were soaps and maby some oils to smell good but that was kinda it haha
jameela bailey
7 years ago
30 posts
ive went 3 months before, and thats because my hair needed a break from shampoo for a while, it was irritating my scalp, so i just used water instead to rinse them, if that counts for not washing?
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