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Something besides Tea Tree Oil

Victoria Buttons
7 years ago
9 posts

I don't mind the smell of Tea Tree, but my other half really really hates the smell. Is there other oils thatarejust as beneficial as Tea Tree that has a more subtle smell?

Love V. Buttons

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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teatree is esential for keeping away bugs especialy if u have kids u shouldnt smell it at all tho after your shower

rosemary is even more benificial for dandruff and pepermint for itch lemongraass is great too and lavander for mold prevention use 1/3 as much teatree as the rest and the peppermint or lemongrass smell will prevail the lavander has a deep earthy tone that overpowers teatree too

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7 years ago
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tea tree is really important, its bug repelling, natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties are essential to dreads IMHO. If you add the lavendar and rosemany or peppermint to your mix it should be much less noticeable to others :o)
Victoria Buttons
7 years ago
9 posts

The first time I had dreads there was an outbreak of lice on the commune, so I put tea tree in my hair and it worked wonders, I never got anything. We both love the smell of lavender, so I will just use lavender after I use teatree. Thanks you guys :)

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