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Is it possible....

9 years ago
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That baking soda actually can cause more dandruff?? Because mine is getting worse.
updated by @aaronthelegend: 02/14/15 05:33:23AM
9 years ago
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I found that the baking soda did irritate my scalp when not followed by the apple cider vinegar rinse. The acv actually restores the ph balance in your scalp after the baking soda has done it's cleaning. In my personal opinion, without the acv, the baking soda wash just isn't worth it.
9 years ago
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Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp, it usually happens from being exposed to extreme heat or cold weather. It could do with how much your washing your hair.I read up on this and found out that baking soda is actually a cure for dandruff along with tea tree oil.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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are u using the acv rinse? are u using the oils? cold water or hot?

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Sammy Seven
9 years ago
19 posts
i found that it did the same. did you ever use wax? cuz it may not be dandruff (although it probably is) but could be old wax that was never removed.
9 years ago
283 posts
Naw I never put wax in my hair, I don't follow up with the ACV rinse is probably why.What's in the ACV?
9 years ago
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deffinitely do the ACV .. It's just some vinegar in water and you can add the same oils as the baking soda wash if you want. just a squirt or a tablespoon..try making it weak at first then if it doesn't improve make it a little stronger.If you don't rinse well enough with water(even if you do sometimes) then leftover baking soda could dry out your scalp and cause more dandruff
9 years ago
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acv= apple cider vinegar...usually a shot glass worth per gallon does the trick for me....other just use a advice take some time search around the site..lots of useful information..this website is a gold mine of info for the natural neglect dread head...thanx to soaring eagle...;)
9 years ago
127 posts
true to this man mine seemed like it got more dandruffish too man
9 years ago
569 posts
Nope, it made my dandruff go away actually...kinda surprised cause I had pretty bad dandruff before deciding to dread.
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