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Does only dry hair form dreadlocks?

5 years ago
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Or is it a myth? 

I know that some people will want to go as natural as possible and not wash their hair (except with water) and let their hair do whatever it wants to, which is why so many people believe dreadlocks are a dirty hairstyle. But does not washing your hair actually decrease the knotting process very much? 

I’m just curious because this guy on YouTube went completely natural and didn’t wash his hair again and started growing dreadlocks after the same amount of time that it takes people (on average, of course, as everyone’s hair is unique) who use sea salt spray and wash regularly.


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Peace Shalom
5 years ago
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Washing your hair with water "is" washing your hair. And if you do it right water will get you clean.

Obviously you need to get your hair dry, or it will stink. You can't have perpetually wet hair.

I have washed my hair with only water for as long as I can remember, at least 5 years. My hair is clean and does not stink. Occasionally I might lightly rub my hair with some fragranced olive oil to add a slight scent and it will stay in for days. Not very much oil though... Like literally no more than 1 or 2 drops... Then it will wash out, but the fragrance will hold longer than even a shampoo would.

Do you mean to ask if not washing your hair "with shampoo" decreases the time it takes for the knotting process.
In other words does washing with only water speed up dreading process very much?

Can you clarify your question?
5 years ago
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Dreadlocks form even without washing at all. The saddhus in India practice that for a spiritual reason. On here we promote to wash at least once a week with a shampoo. Rinses with only water inbetween washes are totally ok and helpful to tame the frizz. Washing weekly with massaging the scalp , what before even the comb did , will help to remove dead skin from the scalp. Not washing means everything will stay on your head and even in your dreads , which i think is gross. There are people on here only washing with water , but some had problems with buildup in their dreads. Shampoo is a little better for removing dirt. The drealocksshamppo has clay inside which does the trick.
Peace Shalom
5 years ago
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I think it is good to wash, unless you want your hair full of dead skin building up overtime. Your scalp sheds thousands of skin cells every hour! Within about 1-2 months all of your outer skin layers of skin will be shed and be replaced with new skin. And all of that skin on your head will come off and stick into your hair if you don't wash it out regularly. Your skin produces sebum next to your hair (sebum is kind of a fatty wax like substance) for protection and health, and sebum production depends on your hormones and environment and nutrition etc. Basically, "You" have to figure out what "you" want to do and what your hair and scalp will accept. Learn what's best for your own body and do that. Don't focus on the dreadlocking "speed" so much that you compromise your own skin and hair health! Concentrate on what is healthiest for your hair and scalp. A healthy hair and scalp will produce strong hair, healthy skin, and hair won't be falling out and breaking all over the place. Imo, this means good nutrition and vitamins.  You need vitamins so eat more natural things like nuts and seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables, not processed microwaved food, with plastic or canned old food. That being said, keep in mind that it takes time for your body to adapt to anything new in its environment. For example if you don't shave for a long time or never have shaved and then you all the sudden start shaving everyday, your skin is probably going to feel very strange and possibly inflamed. Or if you are used to shaving with a straight edge and then switch to an electric shaver, it is going to take probably several weeks to adapt to it. Any change to a hair routine takes time. You have to wait for your new skin being formed to adapt to the environment and to reach the surface of your scalp. If you are used to showering with shampoo everyday and you suddenly switch to only water, it may take months to adapt. Your scalp and skin get used to secreting oils and sebum and such at a rate consistent with its environment. You have to give your body some realistic expectations of time to adapt. Maybe gradually phase into a new method. 1 method probably doesn't work for everyone with all skin and hair types. And also consider the water you use is going to be different from place to place. I personally have a water filter attached to my showerhead so it filters out a lot of chlorine and fluoride and other bad things from the water. I can seriously tell the difference to how my hair and scalp feels with filtered water. Because I don't shampoo, before I used the showerhead filter, my head and skin would smell like chlorine and chemicals and I couldn't stand it! Now, my hair & skin smells good/natural/clean when I get out and my skin and hair are healthier. I also find I can give it longer and better soak and rub before any irritation or damage would occur. Therefore, the right/best thing to do probably depends on your water quality, and personal beliefs, and skin and hair adaptability. I am not a skin doctor or anything, just my personal experience.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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any hair will dread very oily hair just dreads slower. 

you git to think however about all the pollutants in the air, in cities you get tire rubber and burnt oil that gets thick like tar on your skin if you dont wash. 

we had 1  guy with red dreads who hadn't washed in 8 years and his reasoning was "they can't be that dirty they haven't turned black yet" 

we have had others who had mid back dreads never washed who complained about the weight.... 3/4 of that weight being dirt not hair

washing your hairs healthy  if you lay in the grass your exposing your scalp o staph mersa ecoli anthrax and hundreds of other potentially deadly viruses and bacteria, the diference is you need several billion to get sick, if your never washing your hair and allowing these to cultivate eventualy you'll have that critical mass need to get very sick indeed

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