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if i was to start over..

one month ago
94 posts

If i was to start my dreads over should it be done by a or b?

(A) Shave off all my hair.

(b) Comb out and start.

The inner me wants to go through the messy stage and find out what another set would be like, and the other me says i've made it this far why start over?.. i mean it's just hair but it "grows" on us haha!

one month ago
36 posts

I'd say shave. I've always wanted to do it, but never did it when I was brave enough. I'm a girl, so it's a little harder for me to go through with that. Yes, but I'd shave and then save my locks...

but I don't think you should start over. You've got a great set! Are you bored with it already?? I wrote something on your profile page too, fyi.

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