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St.Anne's Soup Kitchen in Newark NJ Needs your help

9 years ago
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Hey everyone,I hate to solicit like this, but this is very important.The homeless population of Newark has been steadily rising for the past decade and soup kitchens like Saint Annes are the only thing that have been keeping some children fed through the winter. Now with economic hardships the nation over, the situation is even worse. Not only are there more homeless and jobless, but there are less people who are able to donate due to their own economic misfortunes.Every year they have an auction where businesses will donate items or services to raise money for the kitchen. If you take some time to check out the auction and see if there is anything you would like to bid on that wouldbe wonderful. There is anything from jewelry to vacations to gift baskets etc.If there is nothing that you are interested in please consider spending 25.00 for a grocery bag. These grocery bags are filled by the kitchen with your money and given to a family in SERIOUS need.I grew up around Newark and I have seen the state of things there. Its a town where the bourgouise make all their bank and go home to their suburban castles at night, leaving the city poor and hungry.I dont intend to try to make you feel bad. I understand that everyone is struggling these days so its not realistic to think that everyone can spare even 10dollars. I am just putting it out there just in casr this is a cause anyone wants to and is able to support.The link generator is not working for this URL so you can copy and paste the following into your address bar everyone.
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9 years ago
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everybodies kitchen is in pittsburg right now, i can maybe redirect them there after pittsburgh..they can take the stress off the kitchens

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