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6 years ago
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Ahimsa is a phrase that comes from the Jains, Hindus, and buddhists, it means, 'to do no harm'. I am not an expert in this field so please feel free to correct any false information. What I am an expert on, is my opinion, which this discussion is.I have been vegetarian for twelve years, it is a beautiful diet, it feels wonderful, I recommend it to everyone. To live honestly and with true compassion and care for others is, I believe, Ahimsa, it takes great care. By the way, I do not claim to live a truly Ahimsa life. To never harm anything or anyone, either by word or action or thought would be quite difficult, but we can try. Can't we? This world needs to heal. So why can't the dreadlocked ones lead the way? When we are in public, our fellow people can see we have other things on our mind, rather than comforming to materialistic social views, we are different. I don't mean those with highy manicured "dreads", that can be seen as vain as the most made up socialite. I mean dreadlocks that say, "this world needs peace, follow me! Ahimsa is my word and lesson at the moment, calm down, grow your locks, eat vegetables and be nice. Just a thought.

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6 years ago
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very well said ive been veg 29 years and will never go back

i remember 1 field trip in his=gh school we saw a rattlesnake we were hiking the apalachian trail some idiot tried killing the snake with stones i got between him and the snake so he started threattening to throw me off the mountain if i didnt let him kill the snal-=ke the snake disapeared into its hole which i had to actualy lay on to protect it my best freindsalot like me in that way if she found a piosionouse spider in her house shed gently pick it up take it outside while talking to it calmly

it is very hrd to truly do no harm since even breathing can kill many microorganisms but definately should do as little as u can if you can live without blowing the heads off evey cute lil bunny you see then shouldnt you?

i grew up living by a shooting range where they had live pidgeob=n shoots weekly and weej]kly wed find injured pidgeons wandering onto our yard so always in my childhood wed have many injured animals to care for that were the result of mindless violence

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
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