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UPDATE: I may be sick.

Circle Dancer
6 years ago
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Awesome. I've been gluten free since 2008 and went soy, corn, and dairy free shortly after that. Now I eat high raw and avoid grains completely *aside from a teeny bite of my boyfriend's gluten free bread here and there for fun*

I had horrible cystic acne for about 10 years straight and it turned out it was all a gluten allergy... but not one of the dermatologists I spent thousands of dollars on EVER told me it could coming from my diet.

updated by @circle-dancer: 07/23/15 06:29:19PM
6 years ago
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That is so awesome! You know, I have a friend from Korea and she said it is so interesting how we mistreat ourselves with food. The way she was raised all food was preventative medicine :) Sugar is like poison. And it is so true, if you are eating 100% healthy its pretty hard to be overweight. I really should follow this advice ;)
6 years ago
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I don't have celiacs but i am mostly gluten free. it definitely makes me feel better. when i consume a lot of gluten i don't have much energy and just feel groggy! glad you found a solution to your problems =)

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