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I think my body is getting pissed at me.

Green Head
8 years ago
31 posts

Well said! I've been veggie since I was 5, that was pretty much accepted but then aged 16 (nearly 2 years ago) I decided to go vegan, and I told my family that I'd quit drinking aged 14 (because they're alcoholics and I'm trying to set a good example, but I haven't really quit) and I'm trying to quit smoking, but they can just not get their heads around these things. I get asked "what's wrong with you?" when I don't drink of accept the offer of 50g of tobacco from my grandad who coughs up bloody mucus every couple of minutes.... :/ And they call me crazy and make out like I can't eat ANYTHING?!?!

I just try to be strong and carry on because I'm proud to be helping animals, and I don't care about people acknowledging or understanding that fact because knowing it about myself makes me feel good, and makes me feel happy every time I see an animal, totally worth it, who cares if people think I'm crazy!!

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Niesje Sigrid
8 years ago
56 posts

You should see the deer in the headlights look I get when I tell people I eat paleo. It only intensifies when I tell them what that means. I get so sick of hearing "If you don't eat grains, how do you get fiber??? Don't you know that the government recommends Xservings a day of whole grain products???" Like I'll never shit again cuz I don't eat bread. I've also heard "If you wanna eat weird, why can't you just be a vegetarian?" That made no sense to me at all. Like I'm just paleo cuz I wanna be weird. Nevermind trying to be healthy :/

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