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veggie vegan omni ital? whats your diet and hows it relate to your dreadiness (if at all)

9 years ago
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Thank you for explaining what I was unwilling to explain, Kapil. I agree with everything you've just said, and wish I'd had the determination to put it so forthrightly. The bias and oversights of scientific studies (and science in general) turns me away from their methods, personal experience with the truth of some of their claims leads me back, and the cycle continues. I think the only way to know truth is to experience it, and it is unfortunate that others find other truths that clash with my own, and I cannot simply say "I know this is healthy because I felt this." It's just not a strong enough case for most to change their own views, and in many cases they've already found that what I found healthy made them ill. Again, only experience (which requires strict personal observation and analysis) can tell us what's right for us. That, of course, excludes the internet knowledge that many base their knowledge on. The information on the internet can hardly be trusted, but can be a guide to the self discovering facts of its own (in "real" life, as they say).

But anyways, this is turning into a long debated -- with long-winded scrambled words on my part -- and I believe the original point of this topic was to state your diet! I'm personally definable as an omnivore. I eat some meats, and I eat a ton of fruits, vegetables, nuts, plant products, and grains. Though lately I haven't eaten much at all: I'm on the fifteenth day of a spiritual fast (no food, only water, AVC, and herbal teas). It's a fast, a colon cleanse and detox! Pretty strenuous, but it's the fifth fast/detox/cleanse thing I've been on, so I'm used to it! I'll be through in about a week and a half, so I'll be slowly reintroducing my diet, focusing on toning, energy-rich food. That does include meat, btw, though it will be a few weeks after until I take on food that heavy.

Anyways, that's the gist of my diet :D.

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9 years ago
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Wow this thread is still alive and kickin' after all this time. It is such a passionate subject. I think the biggest thing both herbavores and omnivores can agree on is that we have gotten so far from the natural way we were designed to gather our food. The real problem we all have is the industrial food system that is killing humans with lack of nutrition and chemicals, abusing animals and treating them like machines, and polluting our lands. If people put their energy they use for arguing who is right (veg*n or omni) into fighting for factory farming to be abolished and getting back to the old fashioned ways of agriculture we could make some great strides!
Chris MacKenzie
9 years ago
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you make aloooot of really good athiest but i believe things should be the way they were meant to be naturally.the whole point im choosing to have dreads is to let the hair do what it wants to.and i think i might even convert to vegen with your good points cuz i can picture myself without it.

soaring eagle said:
its my understanding that humans are not designed to eat meat and can only digest it because of microorganisms in the intestines that break it down for you. once they die, you cannot digest meat so it becomes toxic to you. or at least undigestable...its alien to the natural human diet

this is why we cook meat, humans cannot survive on raw meat..
if meat was natural to us we would have the claws and teeth needed to rip into a living be able to kill prey with only hands and teeth, but no our hands are best for picking fruites, leaves , our fingernails arent sufficient for peircing flesh and although a bite can cause a lil blood we cant tear flesh from bone
long long ago fire alowed us to cook meat so we could eat it..this was our 1st deviation from our natural evolution..and began a long gradual weakening of the species

also, nutrients..all nutrients originate in soil water and sunlight..plants contain all the nutrients that give us life, herbivores then absorb these nutrients and carnivores absorb them second hand through the flesh of the herbavores..its seperating us from the source of life through death, digesting the dead carcass of the animal that ate the nutrients we need
9 years ago
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I could never give up steak lol, I think it's more important that people not use clothes made from animals that eat food from animals. Other animals eat eachother but no other animals make clothes from eachother.
9 years ago
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Some drugs such as cannabis, LSD, shrooms, peyote, DMT, and auywsgua can help expand your mind and are good for meditation.

Didjeridurian said:

Love your mind- dont feed it drugs.

Evelyn Maes
9 years ago
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I just ask myself is a 30 minutes good feeling on your mouth worth a life? Ik stoped eating animals for 1,5 year now. It's true other animals eat each other but the difference I see is that they don't have the choice like we do to eat something alternative. Also they kill one animal and the whole is being used, they eat everything and what is left behind will be eaten by others. Also the animal they want to kill had a oportunity to escape and has lived in the nature. Human kind has an over consumption market where thousands of cows, chickens, porks... are held up in cages and then killed along with other where they can see and feel the pain. They can't escape it. And later on a lot of it ends up as trash from people at home or even supermarkets.

str8_up_dawg said:
I could never give up steak lol, I think it's more important that people not use clothes made from animals that eat food from animals. Other animals eat eachother but no other animals make clothes from eachother.
Amber Rae
9 years ago
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Newly dreaded, but i've been vegetarian for quite some time.I feel as if the two come hand in hand in feeding your spirit.Being vegetarian caters to your inner self, where only you can see and understand, and going through your dreading journey is both inner and outer, others can see, but only you can feel the impact on yourself.
Andrea Schneider
9 years ago
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i love my animal meat. I don't think it's something i can give up. Especially since i have a husband who pretty much survives on meat alone. A MARINE HAS TO HAVE HIS MEAT!!!!! haha. Plus, the cost fresh fruits and veggies are just way too high. Not in our budget. all the fresh produce that we buy mainly goes to our daughter for snacks. maybe one day i can the vegitarian (sp) lifestyle a try.
K Michelle Sanders
9 years ago
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This particular conversation always sparks my interests... I don't happen to think veggie, vegan etc... is a particularly natural lifestyle. I could be biased because I live on a grass-fed meat farm (registered black angus, pork, chicken, lamb) but it seems to me that many people who have been long-term veggies or vegans have been transitioning back to omni since local/grass-fed/organic meat has become increasingly available in the Vermont area. I have also never heard of anyone getting sick from eating meat, even after 5, 10, 20 years of veggies.

Ofcourse everybody is different and people are always going to have strong feelings on this issue, but eating meat is a natural lifestyle. Today the majority class eats 2 to 3 times and appropriate portion of meats a week, particularly processed meats pumped full of SHIT, and that definately needs to stop. Ofcourse you may not be harming yourself by abstaining from meat but most veggies who transition back to eating meats often feel healthier and more active.

Making the argument that meat eating is not natural because we have to cook it, is a hazy one. I have certainly heard of people exsisting for long periods of time of raw meat diets, and many cultures still do. I for one like my steak rare... It seems akin to the idea that people aren't meant to drink milk becuase 'we're the only mammal who drinks another mammals milke' - which is riddled with idealogical holes...

I also feel a profound gratitude for the animals that I eat (raise and some times help slaughter), I feel that this connection that I have with my food and the natural edd and flow of the world has grounded me as a person and given me a chance for perspective that I cannot take for granted....


9 years ago
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I've been a vegetarian for 5 years and it has been a beautiful journey. I just stopped eating meat one day and never went back. I feel strong and healthy and more beautiful when I eat a meal that has come 100% out of the ground. Fresh, wholesome and meatless. Delicious vegetable stir fry, tofu, eggplant, salads and fruit. Nuts and legumes. Quinoa, kasha and oatmeal. All of it builds me up and keeps my dreads strong, luscious and lively. It's great.
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