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The vegan diet and myself

last year
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I was a vegetarian for a year and have been a vegan for like a half year,don't want to hurt animals, love for nature and mysef that's just who I am, in peace with my life, cheers :) 

Totally identify myself with the vegan lifestyle and dreads lifestyle! 

I've stupidly cut my hair before... after like a year of free forming :| but it wasn't all too bad, because I actually went vegan shortly after and realized who I was.. I needed to go back to who I was, this was a mistake.. so now I'm back , like what 5 months in?  (the free forming) It's just so free :) 

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2 months ago
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I’m vegan too because I don’t think we have the right to eat another living being. The only exception is if we live in the wild and our only chance of survival is to kill an animal, but even then we should acknowledge that the animal died for our survival and show it respect and say a prayer (non-religious, just a mantra) for it. 

I’m also growing dreadlocks because I believe it to be the most natural hairstyle and, like you said, it’s freeing. Like not caring what society thinks of you, what they deem appropriate or untidy, etc. Just being yourself. People have told me (I’ve been freeforming for a few months now) how my hair looks disgusting and untidy and scruffy, etc, but I don’t see why they care personally. It’s only hair...

Are you still freeforming your hair now? 


Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

Choose love over hate.

World peace is possible, give peace a chance.

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