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A long road...and massive thank you <3

5 years ago
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As I approach my one year dread anniversary, I have finally decided to join the community that is responsible for my happy healthy dreads today.My fascination with dreadlocks began many years ago, born out of a combination of curiosity and socially-influenced revulsion. People with dreads exuded a sense of "otherness" which I felt drawn to, like there was something more to these people's lives...something more real.The idea of dreads on my own head didn't surface for a long time, and even when it did I wasn't sure it was desirable. After breaking up with my ex (who was so obsessed with my hair he got mad whenever I trimmed it), I found myself getting angry every time I brushed my long hair, like he still somehow had control of it. So, in an act of defiance I chopped it totally off. The resulting pixie was cute and lots of fun, but I hated it. Yes, I felt ritually cleansed...but it was like chopping off a leg. I felt like someone else, when all I wanted was to feel like me. This was when I decided to dread my hair.While waiting for it to grow, I did a bit of research. I found Johnny Clean and Knotty Boy. Watched all their videos and read all their info. Looked at pictures until my eyes burned. But I didn't do it. I could never be ok with the idea of putting crap like wax in my hair. So I dropped the idea of dreads for awhile. Then I heard about crochet...and got super excited. Here was a way to have dreads without wax! I immediately made a test dread, which I kept for a few months and crocheted a few more times. I hated the way it felt, all scrawny and straggly, so I took it out one day...and wow, that hair was very damaged. Again, I shelved the idea of dreads.My next attempt came a few months later, in the form of TnR. I spent a whole day putting them in, hated them immensely, and took them out first thing the next morning. Totally gave up on the idea of dreads.Despite all of the above, I found myself back online looking at dreads within a few months. That's when I found this site. I read the hell out of it, devouring as much info and beautiful pictures as I could. I still wasn't sure whether I had the fortitude to go natural. But I took the leap anyway. Said goodbye to the brush and here I am today, confident in my decision and enjoying the ride. Like everyone else, I have moments of weakness...but they are short-lived. Maybe the day will come when it's time to let them go, or maybe I'll keep them forever. Who cares? I don't plan that far ahead - and that in itself is so liberating!My main reason for writing you guys this book is to express my gratitude to this community for all your love, inspiration, and truly helpful info. It's time for me to stop lurking and contribute, and I hope I can add to all the love and support here, and share what I've learned.
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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Most lurkers become future dreadheads, so that's okay Medussa, we welcome it. You did the best thing getting all the knowledge you needed to grow healthy dreads. 3rd times a charm, glad we inspired you.


melanie rose
5 years ago
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Very happy you found the method that was right for you :] natural is always best. Congrats on the dreadiversary!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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we love ya you beautiful snake headed monstor haha

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
5 years ago
10 posts
Aw thanks guys <3
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