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7 years ago
3 posts

If I had to propose one new category for discussions on this forum it would be called " Appreciation Posts" because that is exactly what this one will be.

This is the sixth day that I have had my dreads and they've been emotionally challenging already. After being a dread "maker", (backcombing, lock accelerator) for the first four days, I stumbled upon your website, apparently just in time. I posted one of my concerns about my dreads "unraveling" yesterday, and after a short conversation with a member and the wonderful soaring eagle, I had been converted to the natural dready method.

I'm happy to say that this is not the conclusion to my story. After I was converted, I began to search the site for more interesting discussions, and along with a few dread failure stories and the Johnny Clean debate, I stumbled upon some really passionate posts on dreads. This must have changed me somehow, because when I woke up this morning (hair all messy and loose and hanging in strands) and looked in the mirror, for once in my life I LOVE how I look. I love my (from now on) natural dreadlocks, and I can't wait for them to mature into whatever shapes and sizes they will someday become.

I just wanted to say thank you, and that I appreciate every single one of you for making this site what it is (especially you SE). So people uneducated on the benefits of natural dreads can come to the light. You all have given me something that I never was able to give to myself--confidence. And I appreciate you.

And I also can't wait to spend the rest of my dread journey as a part of your family.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,322 posts

wow what a great post and ok yopu got it ;) i'll set up the catagory

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Panterra Caraway
7 years ago
665 posts

What an awesome post! I think that is a great idea :) Welcome and much love <3

7 years ago
338 posts

xo Alexandria! and Welcome']

tab tabs
7 years ago
18 posts

absolutely! great post and as always thank you SE for ur awesomeness lol

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