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5 years ago
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Hey guys! So my wedding will be this October, and as you can see in my pictures my hair to too short to put up. It is no longer shrinking though which is good, but I have no idea how much I can hope for it to grow in 5 months! I want to be able to wear an up do. Any ideas for us short dreaded gals?? I've tried everything I've seen already and failed because they're too short. Also, what's everyones opinions on "fringe" so far everyone I know personally says don't do one. I really don't want to brush out my bangs I love the dreads but I feel like it would be a more feminine look for my wedding day.


any thoughts help


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christina bird
5 years ago
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hi michelle <3 i gotta say u're lovvvvvvvely, congratulations for ur wedding day and i wish u wonderful wonnnnnnnnnderrrful life ahead :)

and well i dunno much about hairstyles but i suppose it depends on what kinda veil or something u'd be wearing or the neck-line of ur dress..

maybe u could try put on some pretty flowers in ur hair n leave it free flowing that might look really much prettier than doing it up since its short ?

or u could try a half pony tail ? how about u upload pictures trying different stuff out that ppl say n then get opinions on what looks better or what more u can do ??

i think dying hair is not good but if u wanna look different on ur wedding day u could try use herbal dye n give it like a nice shade,, i've read that certain colors make things appear longer and shorter so maybe u could color ur hair either darker or lighter to make it look longer ?

sorry i barely know much but this is all i could come up with lol. do post pictures of ur wedding dayyyyyyyyy and all the best :) no matter how u do ur hair up though u'r gonna look soooooooooo gorgeous :) lots of love to you :)

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

congrats on your up and coming wedding. There is a product which promotes hair and nail strength that you can buy at your local drug store. It is called Biotin and can be found in the vitamin section for under $10. Try and find the one with the most mcg, that is the strength. If you can find it with 6000 mcg or more, that is good. The drug store in my town only has Biotin with 1000 mcg., I must look elsewhere. ...Take this every day and you will notice a difference in 3 months...Peace

5 years ago
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Thanks ladies!!! Really appreciate the input, good call on the boitin too didn't even think of that. love and peace back at ya! I will post pics as soon as I decide :) I think the half up half down look may take the prize.

Kelsey Cliche!
5 years ago
122 posts
I agree on the biotin--research foods that have it and up those if you can to get it naturally. I'm getting married in August and currently my hair is half's kind of exciting not knowing how they'll look by then. :) Can you use bobby pins at all? There are stronger holding ones at beauty supply shops like Sally's. I looked at your photos and I Iike the half up/down look on you. You could fasten that with a pretty barrette and your veil. Or find a flower wreath, fun headband, or blusher veil that suits your style and wear your hair down. Lastly, if your wedding is vintage at all, you could pin it up and find an awesome hat to wear. Hope that helps to spark some creativity!
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