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At a crossroads with my almost 20-month-old dreadlocks

6 years ago
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Thanks, ladybird! I think you have a great point: we all have bad hair days, with dreads or without. I know I had my fair share of them when I didn't have dreads! I've acquired a lot of peace since posting my initial message so I'm definitely going to keep them. I'm so thankful for all the love & support from y'all!

Blessed Earth Mama said:

Sorry you are having doubts or not nice feelings about your dreads mama. I think most of us do at some point. Then again don't we all on "normal" hair too? Bad hair days, days we wish our was longer or thicker or straighter, etc? In the end you will have to decide for you but I tell you my 4th year of dreadlocks my first time having them was their best year. Now we have diff hair and went diff routes with how we started them but I think most dreads get better with time.

As far as your husband, I think anyone says that. No one wants dreads in their face when they sleep. But when yours get long enough you will be able to put them above your head and out of the way for the most part. I honestly don't want any hair in my face when I go to sleep, dreaded or not...

I understand wanting to look nice for your husband. But in the end you are always going to be happiest doing what makes you happy. The reason I COMBED out EVERY dread on my head when they were 4 years old? Is because I met a very conservative guy online and felt there was no way he would date me like that. Boy do I feel like an idiot for that one. I have now been married to ANOTHER guy for years and starting my dread journey again. Man my dreads would be about 10yrs old now and prob pretty amazing but oh well live and learn! :)

But if they are seriously bringing you down everyday then it might be something to think about. Just try to really think and dig deep, is it really the dreads that are making you sad or something else? Like worrying about what your husband thinks... Goodluck mama <3

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