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The beauty of natural Dreadlocks, and support for any fellow early dreadies!

Simon Raye
9 years ago
10 posts

Now we just need to get all people on the same page.

updated by @simon-raye: 07/22/15 11:54:28AM
Kelsey Cliche!
9 years ago
122 posts
I so agree. I've had one person tell me they were disappointed that my hair wasn't fully locked yet, and three people ask if I've taken them out bc they're so loose. I love the journey. I couldn't care less what other people think of it or how I rate with other dreadies on the same timeline as me. :)
Nikki Whiskgirl Lindsey
9 years ago
14 posts

a pleasure to read! I am early on in my journey and people stare everywhere i go, not a shit do i give, i love my messy natural hair :)

9 years ago
300 posts

KnotLady said:

i had some chick in waffle house look at my head like i had an alien on it or something...i just smiled :) people fear what they dont understand.

9 years ago
16 posts

Yeah I've had a couple that i liked decide to loosen them selves in the past few weeks. They're just finding their way!

9 years ago
115 posts
Lol I got super excited yesterday when "fixing" my hair for a date, cause although all I didn't was pin my bangs back, I saw 3 curls on the back of my neck starting to loop and knot. So I checked them this morning and all but one have loosened up. I was disappointed for a second then shrugged it off cause my hair still looks adorable with its bazillions of messy curls I never knew my hair had the potential for.
Jacob Doherty
9 years ago
4 posts

I cant top what everybody else has said about this. but I'm only on day 4 of my natural journey and already I'm loving looking at them do what hair should do, and have to say that my hair has actually tamed down. I usually have an Afro with conditioned hair,but I just got home from work and looked in the mirror to find my hair looking quite nice actually...tons of fascinating locs spiraling all over and I can feel them locking a bit already, it does itch here and there though but I don't really mess with them, just let them have there own personality.

9 years ago
10 posts

Amazing! Thank you <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
29,456 posts

day 8076 for me

i am freeeeee

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
9 years ago
28 posts

Okay... I'm sold. Thanks for this!

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