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Nicholas janousek
6 years ago
50 posts

there will always be people that say negative things about your hair just like SE said but you just have to be proud of the path your taking and look at it in a new prospective people are always gonna say something negative about something different simply out of ignorance but yes dreaducate them like lincol said and eventually you will learn to stop caring and get used to it I mean i used to be he same way but over my journey I've learned more and more that the only persons opinion of you that matters is yours learn to accept your self knotted hair and all :]

updated by @nicholas-janousek: 07/22/15 07:43:50AM
6 years ago
49 posts

The only one I find hard to take is when my GF, who has dreads down to her waist that she had done at a salon (yes, wax & all) tells me that she wants to "fix" my dreads. omg Your hands may touch me but not my hair, babe... I don't think she gets the whole "natural" concept...

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