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New dreads and new job anxiety

6 months ago
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I've loved this site as a reference and inspiration but see it hasn't gotten the love it used to... 

I've wanted dreads for a long time and started dreading last year but combed them out at the three month stage because they got very unruly and I started getting anxious out in public.  I've never been big on hair maintenance (wash and go) so having separate twice a day was tiring and more work than I was used to!  But, I know that eventually calms down and I'm willing to put in the effort so I don't get huge congos.   

Now, I have decided to embrace dreadlocks again but am also starting a new job and know in a few months all that anxiety will rear it's ugly head again.  I am hoping I can learn to live with the baby messy stage which did bring me plenty of joy and that my new job won't see it as a problem.  

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6 months ago
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They can’t say anything check in the featured discussions. Title 7 of the employee rights act. But don’t let it be a thing.

my first office job, I tried hiding it for the interview. First day on the job I said screw it and let ‘em out. Behind me I hear “wow” it was the company president. I had meetings regularly with the heads of small to multinational nonprofits, heads of financial institutions, and politicians.. etc.. the first head of homeland security as an example. I got nothing but support

mine we’re already to the ground then. But it doesn’t matter, I’ve known people in every field (even cern and nasa) with dreads at any stage.

just lose the anxiety! Act like it’s no big deal. Act like you are unaware it’s dreading .. make it a non factor. 

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