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Negative comments

2 years ago
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I was at the super market the other day and this lady made comments about my free form locks she called them mats and said they look like crap how do you guys deal with this kind of hate

2 years ago
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Just laugh at them. Imagine going through life filled with that much hate.

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2 years ago
233 posts
Recognize it's a reflection of them, not you, you can't fix them but you can forgive and move on. Their opinions are none of your business.

You're a strong person, vulnerability breeds compassion and builds character. Be thankful to be you and not like that person.
2 years ago
45 posts

I completely agree with @peaceful-passer , and I'd like to add that I wouldn't really respond. Just smile and keep going, unless you are the kind of person who is capable of dealing with other people's negativity, I wouldn't bother with any kind of reaction. I'd have to be some kind of amazingly patient monk to deal with that, because people can be quite dense and your time is better spend otherwise :) Just remind yourself that they are on their own journey and by simply being yourself and showing who you truly are, you are planting or even helping to grow the seeds of their own progress.

I hope that made sense :D

2 years ago
233 posts
Oh i like that! And you're entirely right, you've planted seeds in their path!
2 years ago
75 posts
Tell her she looks like crap.
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