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My Progress After Just 4 Days Of Neglect! Must See To Believe!

Michelle D. Ransdell
4 years ago
38 posts

Today is day #4-5 of starting dreads using the neglect/natural method. Let it be understood that for four days now, I have washed every day without conditioning and haven't brushed or combed at all. Last night, I discovered a lumpy mat at the nape of my neck. So today I pulled it into two sections and did some twisting to help shape them. To help them stay separated, I then put a small plastic bead on each one, only pushing the bead up until it wouldn't go any farther--I didn't force it!

The rest of my hair has gradually been forming into pencil- and marker-sized sections on its own... No major dreading action yet, but it's closer and closer each day! But I'm very proud of my two little baby dreadlets!! HERE THEY ARE!

updated by @michelle-d-ransdell: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,192 posts

awesome keep updating us often

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Michelle D. Ransdell
4 years ago
38 posts

Absolutely! I'll also post pics of what the rest of my hair looks like when I get the chance!
soaring eagle said:

awesome keep updating us often

samantha faye frock
4 years ago
28 posts
Definitely keep us updated!
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