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phatties or skinny dreads?

hippie mama
9 years ago
154 posts

i always have people come up to me saying my dreads should be skinny and i think its cuz the dreads on tv and pop culture are all skinny and i was just wondering how many people out there have phat dreads and skinny and if u have skinny dreads do u want phatty dreads or visa versa? just curious. i live the size of my dreads i mean most of them a little phattys but i also have a variety of sizes and i have alot of newer skinny ones and a few older skinny ones as well but the majority is definately phattys.
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hippie mama
9 years ago
154 posts
yeah it does take alot of time. when i started my hair i didnt use that much hair for each one so i dont know how they got so big.....i thin kk its cuz i have naturally thick curlier hair. im not sure though. i think just like everything else that the diffrences between peoples dreads just make em so beautiful and unique. thanks for ur input. much appreciated and ur dreads are awesome
9 years ago
155 posts
Most dreads on tv look like braids, or way to manufactured.almost all my dreads are fat, except 4 or 5. I have a few congos i was going to rip, I ripped them before but it just seems like this is what they want to naturally do.
9 years ago
6 posts
Your locks look great~ be happy with your nappies~ Go Big, I gotta couple congos, didnt really realize they were there till they were well established~
9 years ago
109 posts
Hah, yours look sick!! :DDDI have bothhh!Most are decent size, like, medium, ya know?I have a few phatties in the back, and some really thin ones on the sides.Kinda random, but totally unique!(:
9 years ago
58 posts
those r sexy yeah fattys are nice i like mixture of both fatties/skinnys xD all sizes lol
9 years ago
44 posts
My locks are all pretty skinny. I have 112 or so locks and my fattest locks aren't even as big around as my pinkie finger. That being said I like the fatties but I think my hair decided it likes the skinny ones best.
9 years ago
844 posts
at first I wanted alot of smaller dreads, then as I put a bead to combine yet another pair if dreads the other night, I've found I like my bigger ones a little more
Crazy Amanda
9 years ago
26 posts
i couldent decide if i wannted phatties or skiinnnniesss so i did both lol...ive got a few fattt ones n mostly skinny or midsizeddd lol
9 years ago
3 posts
I love little Skinny dreads and I love themmI have a few fattiess and they are cute tooI have named themm LolI think Skinner dreads look more femimen!but all dreads are amazing and you can find good in anything! xoxox
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