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question about shaving just the sides?

Madison Gregg
7 years ago
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I love my dreads, but now that summers coming they're causing me to get really hot all the time. I've been thinking about shaving off about an inch around the sides to the back, like basically just the under layer.

But how can I do it without either having a really uneven weird line do to the sections or shaving one half off and messing them up? I'm wishing now I would've started shaving it before I let it dread!

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7 years ago
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lotsa peeps have side/under cuts with dreads post dreading, they look pretty badass in my opinion! you just gotta try and line em up as best you can and not over think it! Do a little at a time cause you can always shave more but you can't put it back LOL! Pics when you do! Many Blessings
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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just tie em up dont shave em

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
7 years ago
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I've seen some sweet locks on folks who haphazardly shaved off a few underneath when it got hot. Your hair seems pretty short, but a bit off the bottom shouldn't hurt anything. Either way, stress n locks don't go together very well - its only hair :)
7 years ago
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Mine side are shaven and the line is kinds messed up but it dosent bother me I love mine the way they areXD u can look at my pics on my profile to see
Circle Dancer
5 years ago
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I'm in the process of undercutting mine. I didn't shave them though, I'm just pixie cutting the sides and keeping a long, swooping part on top (that can be pinned up for that retro/mohalk sort of look--if that makes sense lol). Just tying them up doesn't work. My head is miserably heavy and I can barely fit a rubber band around my bun anymore. I just need to cut off some dead weight, you know?

I realize the OP is a million years old. I just figure I'd add my two sense since I found this thread searching for side cut dreads... I think it looks really awesome so far!

4 years ago
13 posts

Hey, I actually started dreading when I had a mohawk so I have continued to keep my sides at no longer than 1/4". I can't speak on behalf of cutting hair currently dreading, but I will say I'm happy with short sides for cooling down. Also when my hair is down you can't really even tell, but when I have it up it does look nice and trim, even though I'm only about 3 and a half months in so my locs are all over the place. Cheers!

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