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Ladies with bangs :)

5 years ago
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Does anyone have any pictures of their bangs and where they meet their dreads? To see how much bangs you should typically keep? I think I want bangs, but I'm not sure where to divide them. I don't have bangs now, but if I do I want to keep long length bangs. Thanks for any help!! :)

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5 years ago
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Unsure whether this photo is good enough for you or not, but that's where my bangs meet my dreads. My bangs basically stop right after my ear :)

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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I have a long fringe only because it does not want to dread, I have an oily face so any knotting just keeps slipping out, even tried the salt spay on them. Bangs really depends on your preference. Do you like bushy bangs, if so, leave plenty of undreaded hair at the front up top. do you want only a few wispy bangs, then just leave about an 1/8th of an inch at the bang area. My bangs go just past my chin. That way, if I want to tuck them behind my ears I do, when I tie up my hair, I let them free in the front, softens up the face. I have just wispy ones myself. If they dread great, if not, that's okay too. No need to ever part them, they just go to what ever side they want on what ever day they want. So what is my preference to bangs?...soft, longer wispy ones, they add that delicate touch......peace

5 years ago
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i dont have a picture but my best friend had dreads with bangs, there cut straight across but not bluntly so, and are about to her eyebrows,,she curls them, pins them back in a poof, or leaves them :)

5 years ago
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I've not got fully tightened dreads yet, but my bang width is at about the end of my eyebrows and I don't let the long bits framing my face dread. Straight bangs are finicky for me and require styling so I just let them go to the side recently. They grow pretty fast, so if you decide you don't like them straight you can probably keep em to the side and that would make sense for longer bangs anyway. I don't know how the cutting goes for already dreaded hair though, probably just like straight hair, starting long and cutting a bit at a time. You will look nice whatever you decide upon.
The-Pygmy Page
5 years ago
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Mine go back about three inches . I do them like this because I have very thick full hair and I cannot wear hats if my whole head it done . I also like to cut and style or color the front so I eave it straight to be able to play with that is enough hair to wear my part goes from ear to ear over my head
5 years ago
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What I did was leave all the hair from in front of my ears undreaded for my fringe.
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